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Hello and thank you for visiting my site.

I'm hoping to use this page to add content that I find interesting during the course of the year.

Since this is the first content that I'm putting on this page I felt that a few pictures of my honeymoon would be a fine addition.

We spent two weeks in Italy during May of 2009 and had an absolutely wonderful time. The first week was spent in Rome where we visited the Forum, Colosseum, Vatican including the Sistine Chapel and various other local sites. Just an amazing city and one that I hope we can visit again.

The picture of me at the top of the page is at the Forum.

The second week of the trip was spent between Venice and Florence. The picture above is of the Canal Grande which we rode most of. I'm not someone who enjoys boat rides but this one was pretty mild.

Venice is a pretty city but since I'm not a boat person we did not go to Moreno to see the glass making. We did most of our traveling on foot which was fine since it is very easy to walk around. However, we did have our share of walking down roadways that ended at the canal.

Our final stop was Florence and it was fantastic! It was very easy to walk around and it has both the Uffizi Museum and the Statue of David which is located at the Academia Museum. David was great and the way they have the room setup so that you first walk down a hallway lined with unfinished sculptures really lets you appreciate the amount of work that actually went into making him.

The final picture is that of the Duomo in Florence.